SEO Consulting

1.Customized SEO Training

Learn to Master the SEO Like the Pro’s!
Ganbat Dashdeleg and experienced  SEO Director will review you website and create a custom 1 or 2 day SEO Training class including:

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  2. SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  3. SMM (Social Media Marketing)

for your in-house IT and Marketing teams in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou or any other places in China (Currently Ganbat Dashdeleg is resides in Beijing).

He can visit your places of business to teach basic SEO to advanced SEO which definitely would meet your needs!

2.SEO Site Audit

Request a Site Audit from SEO Pro!
Ganbat Dashdeleg will personally audit your website for SEO quick and advanced problems using clients-proven SEO checklist and will provide you with information on what you are doing right so far and what you are doing wrong with recommendations on how to fix this issues.

You’ll receive your completed web site audit within 1-2 weeks and free Skype consulting call right after.

3.SEO Presentation

Untangle SEO Myths with SEO Presentation!
Invite Ganbat Dashdeleg to your events to present awesome Presentation about SEO,SEM and SMM. Untangle your mind with the easy to follow & digest presentation regarding SEO Basis, SEO Myths and so Called Secrets! There are no SECRETS in SEO!

•    Understanding “How Search Engines Work”
•    Keyword  Research 101
•    On-Site Optimization 101
•    Page Copy (Content) Optimization
•    Link Building 101
•    Understanding “Social Media Marketing”
•    It is All About KPIs
•    Next Steps…

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