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Client: Russia Beyond The Headlines | TsRus.cn
Services: SEO, Baidu PPC
Results: With NSM’s help, RBTH Brand is moving up in the Baidu & Google search rankings, and the TsRus is now a one-stop place for Russian News Source in China.
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Client: Philately Company s.r.o | Fauna-Stamps.com
Services: English & Chinese SEO
Results: We first rebuild their site and strengthen their internet presence. Increased the natural search engine traffic by 33% in 3 months. Now we manage their ongoing internet marketing campaigns.
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Client: Yogalates | Yogalates.com.au
Services: SERP Optimization
Results: The keyword of “Yogaletes” has been ranked into the 1st page, and last for quite long time. The keyword ranking drives the ranking of some long-tail words, thus increasing daily natural search traffic by about 20%.
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Client: ShangrilaFarms.com | ShangrilaFarms.com
Services: SERP Optimization
Results: NSM’s ongoing SEO for Shangrila Farms has built traffic and pageviews for the e-shop.


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