Keyword Research and Rankings Tools

Keyword Suggestion Tools

Google Adwords: Keyword Tool1.Google Adwords: Keyword Tool
Google’s official Adwords keyword research tool
SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool2.SEO Book Keyword Tool’s keyword suggestion tool
Wordtracker Keyword Suggestion Tool3.Wordtracker Keyword Suggestion Tool
Free keyword suggestion tool from Wordtracker from 1997
Yandex Keyword Research Tool4.Yandex Keyword Research Tool (Russia)’s offical keyword database tool
SEOMoz Keyword Difficulty5.SEOMoz Keyword Difficulty
SEOmoz’s Keyword Difficulty tool estimates the difficulty of a given keywords
Soolve-Keyword Suggestion6.Soolve Keyword Compare Tool
Keyword research tool that compares queries between major Search Engines and others.


Keyword Trend & Insight Tools

Google Trends1.Google Trends
Google’s official keyword trends tool
Baidu Trends Tool2.Baidu Trends
Baidu’s official keyword trends tool
Google Insights3.Google Insights for Search
Google’s official insights for search tool


Keyword Related Software

Market Samurai1.Market Samurai
Keyword analysis and discovery software