China Internet Marketing, Baidu SEO/SEM

Looking to Market to China?

Baidu SEO/SEM ServiceChina’s internet usage and marketing is booming more than ever, Some 400+ million users are using internet in China everyday to search information, products, news, you know what in the Internet.

Although the Internet is an fairly open place in the rest of the world, However Chinese Internet Sphere is not easy as it sounds. Certain barriers can be seen and met everywhere such as: language (BIG ONE!), culture and government policies.

But most importantly, Chinese internet users behaviors and how they interact is compare to Western world is little bit different than ones you know. That’s why you need to work with native Chinese Online Marketing Team to promote your brands in China.

Our localized brand Baidu Guide offers following services:

  • Baidu SEO
  • Baidu PPC
  • Chinese Ad Copy Creation
  • Chinese ePR

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